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Oxford Area High School Cultural Kaleidoscope 2012

On March 7, in celebration of Foreign Language Month, the Oxford Area High School World Language Department sponsored the ninth annual Cultural Kaleidoscope. The event features a variety of projects by all world language students based on the language and culture they are studying, including displays, artwork, and videos. Many students make authentic cuisine from the various world language cultures, which are enjoyed by everyone at the event.

maid of orleans dan walsh

Pictured from left are freshmen Sarah Clark as Joan of Arc, Emily Flynn, Senorita Madison Anthony and Penn's Grove School seventh grader Kayla Flynn.

Senior Dan Walsh displays Panis Adipatus, a Latin bread flavored with honey.
temple achilles
brian morris sarah graff

Senior Brian Morris made Libum, a type of cheesecake enjoyed in Ancient Rome.

Sophomore Sarah Graff created Nanos, a Latin sponge bread.
horse tropics
steph fox ashley habbart

Freshman Stephanie Fox with her version of libum.

Senior Ashley Habbart's Latin sponge cake was very popular.
blue display
litwas jen and maddie
Senior Kevin Litwa and sophomore Hannah Litwa made a Latin rice pudding.
Freshmen Jen Coleman, left, and Maddie Robinson made svinghi, a Greek doughnut.
mosaic day of the dead
lynda and cassy thomas and cori
Freshman Lynda Moucer, left, and sophomore Cassy Phelan with their gougeres, which are French cheese puffs.
Freshmen Thomas Griffith and Cori Weaver served cups of pot-au-feu, a French beef stew
normandy trojan horse
emily et julianne crepes
Freshmen Emily O'Connor, left, and Julianna Follmar served pastel de tres leches, a butter cake flavored with vanilla and soaked in a mixture of three different milk products. Cherries and creme added to the deliciousness.

Crepes by juniors Meredith Cripps, left, and Coraima Chavez.

briana jones madeline martin bridget eller
More crepes by junior Briana Jones.
Sophomore Madeline Martin made Coq au Vin, a classic French dish of chicken cooked in red wine.
Senior Bridget Eller creatred apple enchiladas.
julie and analesa roche and king
Junior Julie McNeil, left, and sophomore Analeesa Marvel.
Freshmen Elysha Roche. left, and Lindsay King teamed up to make Arroz con Gandules, or rice with pigeon peas.
hannah antonio tres leches
Freshman Hannah Dal Porto made empanadas, a Latin American stuffed pastry.
Freshman Antonio Padavano with one his delightfully spicy enchiladas.
Another style of pastel de tres leches by freshmen Jessica Vielma and Kaitlyn Lester (not pictured.)
kaitlyn and marjie chris and mom
Sophomores Kaitlyn Totman, left, and Marjie Washkalavitch made Pastelitos, a Cuban puffed pastry.
Freshman Chris Meshon offers his homemade flan to mom Andrea.
priscilla and becca alyssa and jasmine
Freshmen Priscilla Ocasio, left, and Becca Portual made empanadillas, a popular Spanish snack recipe.
Sophomore Alyssa Sullins, left, and freshman Jasmine Moore with their Cocade Fruta de San Juan, a sweet bread made to celebrate the feast of St. John in Spain.
steve and brandon kim hill felipe
Crepes with hot chocalate sauce by sophomores Steve Miles, left, and Brandon Russell.
Sophomore Kim Hill served cups of gazpacho.
Flan de queso by sophomore Felipe Zermeno.
sarah b eddie d emily and tiffany
Sophomore Sarah Brandt offered Panellets, a traditional Spanish sweet prepared for All Saints Day.
Sophomore Eddie Diaz brought Limber de Coco, or coconut cream popsicles, to the party. They did not last long.
Juniors Emily Saltysiak, left, and Tiffany Moore with their homemade Spanish crumb cakes.
nadia and ashani medusa
Junior Nadia Barimani, left, and senior Ashani Collins teamed up to make sizzling steak fajitas.
Senior Eryn Krivansky had a good hair day portraying Medusa.
allison caleb truslow cameron
Freshman Allison Carr served Ensaimadas, a cinnamon roll from the Spanish island of Majorca.
Everybody loves nachos, especially those made by freshman Caleb Truslow.
Sophomore Cameron Cooper's polvorones, a Spanish almond cookie, are almost gone.
krysta jason and andrea poseidon
Junior Krysta Stefanosky holds the dish where her enchiladas con pollo once resided.
Freshmen Jason D'Antonio and Andrea Longacre made hallulla, a flat round bread baked with butter that is popular in Chile.
Donna Murray meets Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, as portrayed by senior Var Coberly.


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