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Elk Ridge School Staff

Principal H. Hayes hhayes@oxford.k12.pa.us  
Principal's Secretary S. Irving sirving@oxford.k12.pa.us  
IST and Rtll M. Lamont mlamont@oxford.k12.pa.us website
Attendance Secretary J. Wentzel jwentzel@oxford.k12.pa.us  
Guidance D. Houseknecht dhouseknecht@oxford.k12.pa.us  
Librarian P. McGinnis pmcginnis@oxford.k12.pa.us website
Librarian Clerk H. Darhower hdarhower@oxford.k12.pa.us  
Nurse A. Hallman ahallman@oxford.k12.pa.us  
ATP K. Melrath kmelrath@oxford.k12.pa.us  
Faculty and Staff

B. Baity bbaity@oxford.k12.pa.us website
R. Burns rburns@oxford.k12.pa.us  
C. Keenan ckeenan@oxford.k12.pa.us  
C. McConnell cmcconnell@oxford.k12.pa.us website
L. Sharp lsharp@oxford.k12.pa.us website
S. Hershey shershey@oxford.k12.pa.us website
L. James ljames@oxford.k12.pa.us
J. Lininger jlininger@oxford.k12.pa.us website
M. Johnson mejohnson@oxford.k12.pa.us website
C. Hamilton chamilton@oxford.k12.pa.us website
V. Goggin vgoggin@oxford.k12.pa.us  
Second          M. Beltz mbeltz@oxford.k12.pa.us website
K. Hunsicker khunsicker@oxford.k12.pa.us website
L. Lopez llopez@oxford.k12.pa.us website
K. McDermott kmcdermott@oxford.k12.pa.us website

R. Florek

K. Melrath



G. Metanchuk gmetanchuk@oxford.k12.pa.us website
C. Michael cmichael@oxford.k12.pa.us website
B. Hollick bhollick@oxford.k12.pa.us website
C. Orlando corlando@oxford.k12.pa.us website
D. Passerini dpasserini@oxford.k12.pa.us website
A. Young ayoung@oxford.k12.pa.us website
Specials             N. Hendrickson (Reading) nhendrickson@oxford.k12.pa.us  
T. Dehaut (Reading) tdehaut@oxford.k12.pa.us  
S. Vielma (Reading IA)
C. Keenan (Reading) ckeenan@oxford.k12.pa.us  
D. Kelly (Art) dkelly@oxford.k12.pa.us  
J. Farber (Music) jfarber@oxford.k12.pa.us  
P. Holeton (Physical Education)


C. Smith (ESL) csmith@oxford.k12.pa.us  
D. Hash (ESL) dhash@oxford.k12.pa.us  
C. Walton (ESL IA)    
J. Guerin (Speech) jguerin@oxford.k12.pa.us  
Learning Support    N. Deane ndeane@oxford.k12.pa.us  
S. Intonato sintonato@oxford.k12.pa.us  
H. Arot harot@oxford.k12.pa.us  
D. Lehr dlehr@oxford.k12.pa.us  
D. Kellermann (Sp. Ed. IA)    
R. Cresenzo (Sp. Ed. IA)    
Support Staff

G. Lindsey (Custodian)    
R. Bedolla (Custodian)    
A. Cisneros-Tenorio(Custodian)    
O. Bedolla (Custodian)    
D. Roney (Cafeteria) droney@oxford.k12.pa.us  
K. Mingroni (Cafeteria)    
B. Nelson (Cafeteria)    
J. Griffin (Cafe/Playground)    
H. Schaible (Cafe/Playground)    
J. Palita (Cafe/Playground)    
K. Quinones (Cafe/Playground)    



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