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Elk Ridge is a 1st and 2nd grade school comprised of approximately 12 sections of 1st grade and 5 sections of 2nd grade. The remaining 2nd grade students attend the Nottingham Elementary School.

Our School Mascot, Buzz, reminds us to follow the school goals of being Responsible, Respectful, Honest and always give our best Effort! Buzz was created by our 2nd grade Art teacher, Mrs. Andress and he was named by our students! Bell

New 1st and 2nd grade students are screened at registration or before school starts using multiple assessments including the DRA.

The school provides a nurturing, caring and safe place to learn at each child's developmental level. Reading instruction is provided through a balanced literacy approach that focuses on developing independent reading skill, phonemic awareness, phonics, reading strategies, sight vocabulary and writing skills. Mathematics instruction is provided using the Everyday Mathematics (The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project) program. Mathematics instruction stresses a "hands-on" approach with homework that bridges math skills and concepts to the child's everyday life.


Science is an exciting,inquiry-based experience for our students. We use the FOSS (FULL OPTION SCIENCE SYSTEM) science curriculum in grades 1 and 2. Grade 1 focuses on Solids & Liquids and Plants. Grade 2 focuses on Air & Weather and Insects.

Social studies and health are taught on a theme basis that also focuses on the development of reading and math skills.

All Elk Ridge students receive instruction in music, art, library and physical education from teacher specialists. This takes place three times per two six-day cycles. lib


All Elk Ridge students participate in many field trips during the school year and parents are encouraged to actively volunteer in the classrooms. A senior volunteer program also provides additional support and attention to students in the classroom and school.

The children are challenged and patiently guided to learn at their developmental level with a focus on meeting the Pennsylvania State Standards. Parent conferences are scheduled in November and February but parents are encouraged to schedule parent-teacher conferences to receive updates concerning their child's progress.






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